Be one with your machine.

The importance of the bike fit.

Your bike should be an extension of your physique. It should respond to your every movement. Your bike should not be a limiting factor; it should be the enabling factor that brings you to your goals and rewards your efforts.  The perfect fit is comfortable. It facilitates efficiency of movement and the rider’s ability to generate power and speed.  A proper fit will allow you to breathe easily to deliver oxygen to your muscles.

Furthermore, cycling is a sport of repetition and an improper fit will exacerbate any underlying physical conditions. This could lead to major joint and muscular damage.  A cadence of 90 revolutions per minute equals approximately 5000 revolutions per hour.  Since every pedal stroke is almost identical, the rider must be in the safest position possible.

Every cyclist deserves to be safe and comfortable on their bike and a properly fit bike can help make that happen.

We’ve aligned ourselves with some of the best fitters in the local market so you have premier services at your behest.  Through extensive interviews and quality control background reference checks, we are confident that one of our hand-picked Fit Consultants can help you achieve your goals.


The Fit


The consultation session will assess any special needs and goals of the rider that need to be taken into account during the fit process.


This portion of the process quantifies the measurements and dimensions that will be applied to the current or prospective bicycle. The individual needs and anatomical limitations of the rider are carefully appraised and metered.


Based on the information gleaned from the consultation and fit procedures, measurements are applied to the bike, or a model recommendation is made.


The rider who is fit to their bicycle rides comfortable, knowing that careful attention has been put into optimizing their experience. Whatever the goal, the bike should be an enabling factor to ensure achievement.